Home in Atlanta 

Earlier this year I began learning about Music Therapy and soon realized another application of music that I'd like to practice. A week of Gypsy Jazz guitar study in Montreal with wonderful teacher and musician, Denis Chang, led me to find a university with a master's program in Music Therapy. With this exciting trajectory in the future, I've decided to make home in Atlanta, Ga with my wonderful partner. With only a few weeks in, I am really excited about the possibilities in this town. I've been connecting with musicians, visiting local jams, and seeing some great live music. My plan for the next year involves teaching in-home and in-studio lessons, performing, shooting pictures, taking online courses (to prepare for the MT), and as usual, transcribing and teaching via Skype.

If you're passing through Atlanta, be sure to give a holler! 

New Website 

Here you are on my recently revamped website! I'll be using this homepage to announce exciting news. Along with this website, I recently launched another website for my transcription business, Built To Last Music Notes. Check it out at

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